When it comes to natural disasters, CAESER knows firsthand that access to accurate and timely information is integral to informed decision making and saving lives. Floods, tornadoes, fire, hurricanes, disease, and water contamination can occur in every community. Having a plan of action can lessen or even prevent damage.

CAESER can help you prepare and plan for, absorb, recover from, and successfully adapt to a natural disaster.

CAESER Disaster Resilience capabilities:

Develop spatial data for disaster planning and recovery

  • Collect and map critical infrastructure information
  • Provide a decision support visualization tool for non-technical users

Flood inundation modeling

  • Use simple to complex techniques to predict flood inundation

Damage assessment

  • Determine impact to structures and people
  • Develop pre-evacuation lists
  • Determine post-disaster access to damaged properties

Public Education

  • Provide maps and information to public on how to respond to impending disaster