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Mid-South Regional Greenprint



Memphis and Shelby County Office of Sustainability


Mid-South Regional Greenprint

After receiving a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for development of the Mid-South Regional Greenprint, the Shelby County Office of Sustainability approached CAESER to provide technical support throughout the project. A key goal was to place data and analysis as central components to all decision-making and strategic planning. CAESER was brought on to assist with data migration, analysis, web development, and a range of other functions intended to support both the Office of Sustainability as well as other consultants, stakeholders, and other grant participants.

As part of the project CAESER developed a series of web-based utilities that placed greater access and analysis capabilities into the hands of the various partners and stakeholders engaged throughout the planning process. The first application that CAESER developed was a web-based map system that enabled users to work with and explore complex spatial relationships regardless of skill or experience. In addition to the web map, CAESER developed a metadata cataloging and data sharing system, or geoportal, that enabled partners to research the history and intent of all data collected throughout the duration of the project as well as download any resources for more detailed analyses.

Along with the data management and application development responsibilities, CAESER also assisted the Office of Sustainability with a range of analyses aimed at helping stakeholders gain a better understanding of existing challenges and opportunities that related to their individual focus areas. One such analysis was a trail and park accessibility index that compared proximity and access to bicycle and park facilities at the block level throughout the study area.

From the outset of the planning process, we recognized a considerable need for putting spatial data and analysis tools in the hands of stakeholders and the public. We were impressed by CAESER’s ability to not only develop and deploy those tools, but use this effort as part of a broader goal of assisting the greater Memphis region with data-driven decision making.

– John Zeanah, Director Shelby County Office of Sustainability