Transportation & Logistics

Our daily goods come from all over the world. As our societal needs grow, we need to address the critical issues affecting the planning, design and operation of the nation’s intermodal freight transportation systems. 

The Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute (IFTI) merged with CAESER in August 2020 to create the Division of Transportation and Logistics (DTL).  This division expands research into transportation and takes advantage of CAESER’s expertise from its other divisions. DTL, under the direction of Dr. Stephanie Ivey, will continue hosting the annual State of Freight conference.  DTL’s research focuses on key transportation and logistics areas described below and merge its research interests with CAESER’s other divisions; thereby, strengthening the Center’s research program.

Transportation Policy and Planning

  • Transportation infrastructure impacts on health and safety through research on livability, walkability and safe corridors for bike/pedestrians
  • Community resilience and disaster recovery
  • Traffic studies (i.e., traffic counts, traffic pattern and impact analysis)
  • Multimodal freight studies
  • Transportation surveys and linguistic analysis

Transportation Operations and Logistics

  • Remote sensing technology, image recognition and RFID/GPS/cellular applications
  • Drone technology applications in transportation and logistics
  • Traffic systems management and operations (TSMO) studies
  • Agriculture concentration: product processing, logistics, disaster resilience, and supporting technologies

Supply Chain Management

  • Supply chain performance
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Supply chain security
  • Enabling information systems and technologies

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Memphis, a city built around the railroad, moves freight across North America via train within less than 48 hours. Map the railroad routes.