We host conferences and meetings to share research knowledge, and provide a forum for others to educate the community.

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State of Freight Conference

2020: State of Change

The 2020 theme was State of Change with seasons that focused on the significant changes that have occurred in 2020 and those that are expected as we enter 2021.  Expert keynote speakers and panelists addressed:

  • State of transportation infrastructure in TN
  • Impacts of transition from NAFTA to USMCA
  • Impacts of COVID-19 on the transportation industry
  • And more!

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Previous Years: 2012 - 2019

Public Water Meetings

April 2019: Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library

Memphians and other residents of Shelby County have long touted their high-quality drinking water, but the underground resource is now threatened by historical pollution, as natural gaps, or “breaches” in the protective clay layer above the Memphis aquifer have been discovered

CAESER was awarded $1 million a year from Memphis Light, Gas and Water (MLGW) to study clay breaches in the Memphis aquifer and their impacts to water quality. Little is known about the size, shape and characteristics of these breaches, including how quickly water and contamination can travel through them 

Over 200 individuals attended the first meeting to learn about the study. The meeting’s video provides an overview of the Memphis aquifer, the goals of the research, then outlines the first five projects initiated in 2018. The last 30 minutes was reserved for questions from the public. 

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June 2019: Hollywood Community Center

This was the second public meeting about the aquifer study and contained similar information to the April 2019 meeting. Additionally, the meeting included a poster presentation about the five initiated projects with 30 minutes of questions from a new audience.

The meetings are conducted in partnership with Memphis Light, Gas and Water utility.  

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