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We believe in lifelong learning and strive to create a water and data literate citizenry. Ongoing education is available for all generations of the community.

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General Public

  • Book a speaker! CAESER faculty and staff are available for any group. We create a tailored presentation to ensure your audience is learning.
  • We are available to participate in public festivals and events through tabling, activities, or the WOW Mobile.
  • Reach out for any question about the Memphis aquifer, water resources, or GIS mapping needs – we are a resource. 

Water on Wheels (WOW) Mobile

  • Water on Wheels (WOW) is a mobile learning experience focused on the science of water. It is designed to travel to schools and community events, educating visitors about the source of drinking water in Memphis and the Mid-South, and about how the water cycle is connected to all of life. 
  • During the school day, the WOW is available to classes throughout the Mid-South.
  • Evenings and weekends are reserved for public festivals, events, camps and more!
  • To request the WOW at your school or event, follow this link.
  • Are you a education researcher looking for an test lab? Let’s collaborate! 

K - 12 Education

  • Developed lesson plans and resources (including PowerPoints, worksheets, etc.) are available for all educators! Find them in Resources.
  • We offer classroom visits with activities and/or speakers. 
  • We have both watershed and groundwater models that we can demonstrate to your class/group
  • Field trips to research sites for high school students can also be arranged.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Working with governmental partners, businesses, and industries, we aim to increase the understanding of our water resources and how decisions impact sustainability.
  • CAESER can provide information to government organizations or representatives through presentations, committee membership, and data sharing.
  • Information is also available to businesses and industries through presentations and/or data sharing.
Heather H.
Heather H.
Bailey Station Elementary School
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The students and teachers really enjoyed the experience. The kids loved being able to interact with the exhibits.
Lynn F.
Lynn F.
DeSoto County Board of Supervisors
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Great experience. The citizens loved it. Love the new watershed model with WOW. We love WOW!! Hope to use it every year at our Earth Day Festival!
Gieshala M.
Gieshala M.
Senatobia Middle School
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It was an incredible, informative, immersive experience with relevant real-world applications for me and my students. Lucinda Scrivener is an amazing asset to the CAESER program. I can't wait to have her come again next school year!!
Kelli L.
Kelli L.
KY/TN Water Professionals (AWWA/CWP)
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LOVE LOVE LOVE the experience. Love the visual aid to shed light on the importance of clean water. Awesome group of volunteers, they did an amazing job. We are so thankful that you were a part of our event! Take your show on the road and join our conference every year.
Neely P.
Neely P.
Girl Scouts Heart of the South
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Amazing !! We liked the education on our aquifer system and career insight for girls. Thank you so much for attending our event! We absolutely loved work with you and hope to continue to use WOW trailer for more events. Also thank you for bearing the heat on Saturday and being so engaging with girls and families!! We are looking forward to more events in the future. Thank you again!

Check out the lesson plans and videos available for you. We’re always adding more! 

What is the Memphis aquifer? Answer your questions and learn more about our water.

Looking for a speaker, classroom activity, or participation in a festival? Contact us now!